Schedule Quality & Project Success: How Technology Can Bridge the Gap

Wayne Wilson – Chief Operating Officer, Prescience Technology

A good plan makes a great project. But what exactly constitutes a ‘good’ plan, and how do you benchmark and standardise your project plans against industry standards, all while predicting and mitigating against potential risks that threaten your project’s success?

This November, Prescience Technology’s Chief Operating Officer, Wayne Wilson, will be speaking on this topic at the Project Controls Expo in Melbourne. His presentation will examine the importance of schedule quality and use case studies to showcase how technology can more effectively support the planning process. Learn how to create the soundest schedules possible and execute them with consistent success and minimal risk.

About the Expo

The Project Controls Expo is an international conference dedicated to the advancement of project controls, with the objective of providing significant practical and theoretical awareness on its process, tools and techniques. This objective is achieved by bringing practitioners, employers, customers and suppliers together to share knowledge, experience, best practices, career development and software tools under one roof.

More than 500 attendees are expected, representing industries such as Oil & Gas, Construction, Rail, Infrastructure, Defence and Government to name a few.

Join the Prescience Technology team in the Technology Zone for interactive demonstrations, competitions and free giveaways at our corporate booth.

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