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Demystifying the construction cloud

Demystifying the construction cloud

Insights into the benefits and functionalities of Oracle Primavera Cloud


Elevate your project management practices with OPC.

Seamless transition

Learn how to migrate from Primavera P6 to OPC with confidence.

Real-life success stories

Learn live from industry leaders who have transformed their projects with OPC

Network and connect

Network with fellow Primavera P6 users and industry professionals over a cuppa!

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in live discussions, ask questions, and network with peers.


“Demystifying the Construction Cloud” presents an exclusive series of live events in collaboration with Oracle, dedicated to elevating understanding of Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC) and its impact on ANZ’s capital projects performance. Through three presentations over 45 minutes, attendees will uncover the benefits of OPC, including streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, and unparalleled results. With Oracle’s expertise, participants will gain the knowledge and assurance needed to transition to OPC seamlessly, ensuring smooth and efficient performance. Real-life examples, like Ryman Health’s journey with OPC, will illustrate its transformative power across industries and organizational sizes.

Event Details

Dates and Locations:
Sydney (May 3)

Brisbane (June 11)
Melbourne (TBD)
Perth (TBD)

45 minutes (presentations)


The event will feature three presentations
1. Prescience Technology Presentation: Highlighting the benefits of OPC and its potential to drive improved performance. 2. Oracle Presentation: To show practical guidance and best practices for transitioning from Primavera P6 to OPC. 3. Ryman Health Customer Reference: Sharing experiences and success stories with OPC implementation.

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Provide current Primavera P6 users within the construction industry with comprehensive insights into the benefits and functionalities of Oracle Primavera Cloud, drawing on PT’s expertise in Capital Projects to show real-world examples and insights.

Empowerment through Knowledge

Provide attendees with novel strategies, PT’s best industry practices, and inspiration for migrating from Primavera P6 to OPC (Ryman), ensuring a smooth and efficient transition while providing confidence in their project migration.

Lead Generation

Cultivate opportunities for lead generation by fostering meaningful connections, facilitating knowledge-sharing, and nurturing relationships among attendees, thereby expanding the reach and impact of Oracle Primavera Cloud within the industry.


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