Which countries do you serve?2018-06-19T10:39:12+10:00

We have offices throughout Australia, and serve the following countries from our international base in Singapore:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Philippines

We serve a diverse range of international clients across the Asia Pacific region, and can provide support services for global projects and organisations by request.

What’s the process for purchasing software licenses online?2018-02-20T14:09:15+10:00
  1. Place your order – Browse our store, select your software and pay through our secure payment gateway.
  2. Sign off – All Oracle & Deltek software is bound by a Master Agreement – we’ll sort your paperwork out the next business day to get you started ASAP.
  3. Download software – We’ll provide you with step-by-step guidance on downloading your new software. Contact our team for help at any point during the process.
Where is your latest training schedule?2018-06-18T14:18:35+10:00

Our public training schedule is available here: https://training.prescience.com.au/classes. We also run additional classes and dedicated team training by special request, contact us to request a class.

Can I buy a concurrent license for Oracle Primavera?2018-04-25T14:48:52+10:00

No, Oracle has retired this metric. Contact us to discuss your options for migrating any existing licenses to the current metrics.

Can I pay my support on a monthly basis?2018-02-20T11:46:06+10:00

Yes, our PrescienceAdvantage Support is available as either a monthly or yearly subscription. Visit our store to see pricing options.

How do I contact the Support team?2018-02-20T11:41:31+10:00

If you have a current PrescienceAdvantage Support agreement, you can contact our dedicated Support team on 1300 661 096, or by emailing [email protected]. If you do not have a current support agreement, please contact us to discuss your options.

What payment methods do you accept?2018-02-20T11:36:27+10:00

For purchases through our online store or training portal, payment can be made with credit card via the Stripe secure gateway. We accept all major credit cards. Contact us to organise payment via Purchase Order (P.O.), or to discuss alternative payment options.

What’s the difference between Primavera P6 EPPM and PPM?2017-12-21T15:39:58+10:00

Oracle Primavera P6 Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a Windows-based project planning tool. It consists of the P6 Professional client, which is installed locally on your PC and connects to a database. Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) is a web-based project management tool which is more suited to medium to large enterprises. P6 EPPM is also mobile compatible, with an Android and iOS app available. There are many more complex differences between the tools which may influence your choice, get in touch with our tech team to find out which system is right for your organisation.

How can I purchase software licences?2017-12-21T15:29:39+10:00

For single user software licenses, our online store is a great, easy option to purchase software licenses 24/7. Alternatively, you can always get in touch to speak to one of our team to discuss your needs one-on-one.

What is the ‘cloud’?2017-12-21T15:25:54+10:00

In the simplest terms, cloud computing allows you to store and access your data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. This enables organisations to better collaborate and focus on their core business instead of expending resources on computer infrastructure and maintenance, minimising IT infrastructure costs. The Prescience Project Driven Cloud utilises Paas, SaaS and IaaS technology to deliver an integrated user experience.

Can I move my existing licences to the cloud?2017-12-21T15:24:30+10:00

We can assess your eligibility to move to the cloud, or advise on alternative options, such as a hosted Prescience Project Driven Cloud solution.

What is Oracle software update and maintenance?2017-12-21T15:21:59+10:00

As part of Oracle’s standard maintenance and support contract, Oracle provides technical support from their international help desk. This support does not generally go beyond product or platform breaks and fixes, so we also recommend purchasing additional technical and functional support for your software.

Do I get post-training support?2017-12-21T15:06:20+10:00

Yes, you will have access to our instructor for a limited time following your training attendance for ILT.

What training delivery types are available?2017-12-21T15:06:48+10:00

A variety of online and offline formats are available, including Instructor Led Training (ILT), On-Demand / eLearning, Live Virtual Classes and Dedicated Team Training. Both Prescience Technology and Oracle University ILT courses can be purchased online from training.prescience.com.au, along with Prescience eLearning courses. For other options, please contact our training team at [email protected].

Is my course accredited, do I get PDUs?2017-12-21T14:16:14+10:00

Prescience Technology is an Oracle Approved Education Center and an Oracle Authorized Education Reseller. Prescience Technology courses are Oracle approved, but do not attract PDUs. Oracle University courses do attract PDUs.

Will I receive a training manual when I attend ILT training?2017-12-21T14:13:32+10:00
  • Participants attending a Prescience Training course receive an easy to follow manual that covers the contents described in the course outline. These course materials have been designed to guide you through the course and help you long after completing training.
  • Participants attending an Oracle University training course will recieve all supporting training materials and an eKit training manual.
How can I pay for my training?2018-04-25T15:34:35+10:00
  • Training can be paid for by Credit Card following the instructions on the Prescience training site.
  • Payment by purchase order (P.O.) can be arranged by contacting your Prescience Sales representative, or our office.
Where can I attend a Prescience ILT course?2017-12-21T15:11:29+10:00

Public Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses are held in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide each month. We also conduct Oracle University courses across the country on a regular basis. Check our course calendar for courses scheduled over the next few months. Private ILT courses can also be arranged to meet your needs by contacting [email protected]

What is the pass mark for your courses?2017-12-21T14:06:18+10:00

You must attain a pass mark of 80% to pass the course assessment.

How will I receive my course certificate?2017-12-21T14:05:27+10:00
  • For eLearning courses, you will be able to print your assessment certificate after you complete all the modules, and pass the test with an 80% pass mark.
  • For Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses, you will receive your certificate in the mail after completing the course. It will be posted to the address you nominate on the course assessment form.
What internet browsers are compatible with your eLearning?2017-12-21T13:55:36+10:00

Our eLearning courses are compatible with the following browsers. We highly recommend use of Internet Explorer for all eLearning courses.

  1. Google Chrome V55
  2. Internet Explorer 11
  3. Safari IOS XX


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