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Digitising Field Management

Novade is the leading digital platform for project-driven businesses, that offers Field Management Digitisation services: With Novade, you can digitise your field processes, capture and analyse the right data, and enhance your overall performance so you can maintain confidence in the future of your capital projects.

Novade is designed to adapt to your enterprise processes, match the way you work, reducing the cost of labour and compliance while improving health and safety. Novade has a proven track record of success with over 10,000 sites across the world, 150,000 users, and 1 million processes monthly, improving productivity by up to 20%, reducing quality and safety management issues by 50%.

Novade is a next-generation construction management platform, and is the most comprehensive and configurable software platform to manage compliance and track performance on large and complex projects.

The Novade suite is a cloud-based modular suite of tools to manage HSE compliance, drive quality assurance and track progress and resources.

Field Process Automation

  • Reduces cost of labour
  • Improve quality outcomes

Field Digital Compliance

  • Reduces cost of compliance
  • Improves health and safety culture and compliance
  • Helps organisations to meet ESG targets

Field Data Capture & Insights

  • Supports the right decisions at the right time
  • Mitigates risks
  • Improves profitability

The Novade suite’s key modules are Site Diary, which streamlines the collection and reporting of progress in the field; Quality Assurance, which helps to predict quality issues, enforce the QA process and retain compliance with quality specifications; and HSE Management, which drives HSE compliance and helps to build and sustain your safety culture.

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Software Modules

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As well as being an authorised Novade reseller, we provide a range of associated project management and technical services.

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