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With all the talk of ‘moving to the cloud’, if you haven’t yet started operating this way, you could be forgiven for feeling a little left behind. The cloud is a great option – but like any technology solution, it must be fit for purpose. Prescience Technology is an award-winning Oracle Primavera cloud partner; we can get you started with cloud software licences, help you implement a new cloud solution, or develop a migration roadmap.

In the simplest terms, cloud computing allows you to store and access your data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. This enables organisations to better collaborate and focus on their core business instead of expending resources on computer infrastructure and maintenance, minimising IT infrastructure costs.

The entire suite of software we sell is available on the cloud. As an Oracle Platinum Partner and an authorised Deltek partner, we can arrange your initial cloud licences, expand your license footprint under an existing service agreement, or help you shelve your on-premise licences and migrate to the cloud.

We can assess your eligibility to migrate to the cloud, or help you develop a long-term migration roadmap. We can also advise on alternative solutions, or host your applications in our Prescience Project Driven Cloud.

Cloud Benefits

Cloud Technology Options

Like any technology solution, the cloud must be fit for purpose. Depending on your requirements, including the degree of customisation required, there are three main cloud options: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Find Your Cloud Roadmap

We can help you find your roadmap to the cloud from any starting point.


We can arrange your initial cloud licenses, expand your cloud footprint or help develop implementation plans.


We can help you take advantage of the integration benefits of the cloud without losing customisability.


We can help you move your on-premise applications into the cloud as part of a tailored hosted solution.

On Premise

We can work with you to optimise your current systems and develop migration plans that work for your organisation.

Our Software Suite

Whether you’re looking for a full SaaS solution, or a hybrid offering, our entire suite of software is cloud ready.

Prescience Project Driven Cloud

Through our Prescience Project Driven Cloud offering, we can help you leverage SaaS, PaaS and IaaS technology to deliver an integrated and secure platform in the cloud.

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