Immersive Project Controls

What If…
Project Controls Became an Experience?

Prescience has devised the way to transform that old project controls’ experience through the Immersive Project Controls program, where the newest immersive tools meet our renowned project data and processes to enable better and quicker decisions for improved performance.

Join the Journey to Redefine Project Controls

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will redefine the way you experience Project Controls? Step into an environment where cutting-edge software and hardware unite to immerse you in your Capital Project’s data. This immersive experience fosters total focus, providing you with Actionable Insights that empower you to take Real Control.

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Immersive Project Controls


Transforming the way we engage and manage data


Better engagements and feedback improve the performance of your project


Immerse yourself into a practical experience with the most latest tech available

Immersive Project Controls Services

In the world of modern major projects, the information overload is overwhelming. It’s almost impossible to digest everything on a laptop screen or in lengthy reports. Meanwhile, project stakeholders are busier than ever. There simply isn’t enough time to delve into the crucial reports generated by project control teams.

But what if Project Controls could become a consumable experience? An experience where you can feel the pulse of the project in moments, rather than sitting through hours of exhausting meetings. Imagine not having to wade through countless reports. Imagine complex information becoming clear with a simple step into a room.

We believe this transformation is possible. Project Controls can be more accessible and experiential by becoming more immersive. Stakeholders can spend less time preparing and more time collaborating, leading to better decision-making.