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With 2,400 staff working across its many different divisions and disciplines at multiple sites and branches across the length and breadth of Australia, IT procurement was previously managed by each division’s IT managers, which had led to mounting complexities in managing legacy systems for sales order processing and manufacturing.

Consequently, company-wide systems integration was a mounting challenge that the organisation urgently needed to overcome. The firm centralised its IT function 18 months ago and appointed a new CIO to establish and manage its future IT strategy through a period of significant change and disruption and competition from cheap overseas exporters.

The firm was looking to extend and unlock some of the capabilities of Oracle E-Business Suite, which it was already using for supply chain and manufacturing in its glass business, as well as at head office in Brisbane for financials. The firm was also looking to unlock some of the advanced and modern functionality that was available in the later versions of its chosen Oracle platform. The company also needed to achieve consistency on some of its core processes across the company, with more focus on improving the efficiency of its operations.

Project Details


Major Australian Manufacturer




Oracle E-Business


PrescienceAdvantage® Upgrade and Change Management Services

The Solution

Prescience Technology successfully managed the company’s Oracle E-Business upgrade and provided full systems testing, which went extremely well. Prescience also offered training to the company’s 1,000 active users, to ensure the transition to the new version went seamlessly for the firm’s long serving workforce. Its workforce can be resistant to change, particularly when it involves introducing new technologies that replace skilled manual processes and automate tasks, that some have been doing for decades for the company.

The firm has been able to unlock future-proof functionality and advanced capabilities that the new Oracle E-Business system offers and it has been able to integrate the platform across the entire organisation’s group of companies now. Instead of its disparate ERP systems operating in divisional siloes, Oracle E-Business suite now runs seamlessly across all functional business units

“Prescience was selected due to a very strong and competitive tender response, as well as solid references in relevant large capital-intensive industries to our business.”

Company Director