Prescience Technology’s Primavera Support engineers are adept at getting the most out of Primavera. Each month, they share some tips with our PrescienceAdvantageTM Support clients to help them make the most of their Primavera installation. Starting this month, we will now share an excerpt from the Primavera Support newsletter.

Tip 1: Creating a Custom Unit of Measure

While Primavera has a number of pre-defined fields, it’s inevitable that it won’t cater for every single scenario. User-Defined Fields (UDF’s) enable you to add an unlimited number of custom fields and values to the project database. Resource UDFs enable you to create a custom unit of measure, so you can track critical items.

For example, when building a construction schedule, you may need to track how many bolts per hour your trades people can fit. By following the steps below, you can create a custom unit of measure – Bolts per hour.

  1. Log on to P6 Web
  2. Click the Administer menu
  3. Select Enterprise Data
  4. In the Resources (Units of Measure) tab, click Add (the plus symbol, or Insert)
  5. In the Unit Abbreviation column, type in the new unit of measure as an abbreviation – for example,
  6. In the Unit Name column, type the full name of the new unit of measure – for example Bolts Per
  7. Click Save (the disk symbol or Ctrl+S.)


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