In this Tip we share an extract from our update to our Primavera Support clients about how to export and import Layouts and Filters in Primavera P6. This is especially helpful if you want to share Layouts with other users or for example provide your manager with a Layout to refer to your own personal project view.


By default, Layouts and Filters do not export with the XER format. However, they can be manually exported by doing the following:

To export Layouts:

Go to View, Layout, Open, Select the Layout then select ‘Export’.

This will create a .plf file (Primavera Layout File) which can be sent along with the XER file.

Note: More than one Layout can be exported at once. Each one saves individually using the Layout name with a .plf extension.

To export Filters:

Filters can be manually exported with the Layouts by copying them to the Layout via the P6 feature ‘Copy As Layout’.

  • Go to View, Layouts, Open the required Layout.
  • Go to View, Filter By, Customise.
  • Within Filter options create or select required filter and then select ‘Copy as Layout’. The filter dialogue box will then show that the highlighted filter is now a Layout specific filter, so when the Layout is exported the filter(s) will also be exported.
  • Export using the Primavera PM XML export format instead of the XER file format.
  • Check the box that says ‘Export all project level Layouts’.
  • The project will have a .zip extension and will contain the Project XML and the Layouts.

To import Layouts:

  • Choose View, Layouts, Open.
  • Select Import.
  • Browse to the location of the Primavera Layout File (.plf).
  • Decide whether the Layout should be user specific or global. If yes is selected, it will be available to all users; if no, it will only be available to the user who imported it.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you can share your schedules with others, so they can see the same information as you.


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