In an era of digital transformation, where the rate of change is challenging traditional project delivery models, the effective implementation of project management systems and tools is critical to organisational and project success.

This month, Prescience Technology’s CEO, Loretta Bayliss, will be speaking on this concept at the annual Project and Program Management Symposium in Canberra.

From the simplicity of aligned terminology to more complex concepts of reporting frameworks, integration architectures and process improvement, the presentation will address the questions of:

  1. What constitutes “effective” project management systems and tools?
  2. What are the critical systems selection criteria and considerations?
  3. Are different systems required at different stages of the project lifecycle?
  4. What are the common pitfalls and how can we avoid them?

Offering insight gathered over twenty years of successfully implementing enterprise project management systems, the presentation will provide pragmatic and relevant information for everyone from the new to veteran project management professional.

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The Project and Program Management Symposium is on 14 - 16 August 2018 in Canberra.
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