Partnership to benefit Oracle Primavera customers

Prescience Technology, Australia’s oldest and most experienced Oracle Primavera Specialized Gold Partner organisation, will join forces with Australia’s largest independent project and strategic management services provider, TBH Group (TBH), to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end industry and technology service offering. The partnership will benefit Australian businesses implementing enterprise project portfolio, program or project management strategies and solutions, including Oracle Primavera.

The partnership will allow customers to engage Prescience Technology and TBH together to implement and manage their Primavera solution. Customers will still be able to engage just one company or the other, depending on their needs.

“Prescience Technology and TBH are very complementary in terms of strengths and abilities. Customers will be able to leverage the knowledge and experience of both organisations easily and seamlessly,” said Prescience Technology Managing Director Loretta Bayliss.

“There is no other organisation or group in Australia able to offer the combined depth and breadth of systems, processes and industry knowledge that Prescience Technology and TBH can provide. The result for clients will be more effective and efficient PMO (Project Management Office) processes, technology and investment, particularly Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, Unifier and Instantis toolsets.”

Prescience Technology and TBH have worked together recently to deliver outstanding business outcomes, making this partnership arrangement a natural next step.

Founded in 2005, Prescience Technology is known for its industry knowledge, project management discipline, technology implementation excellence and innovative online Oracle Primavera training products and services. The company focuses on using project management techniques and change management strategies to help clients achieve and drive tangible business benefits from their technology solutions. Prescience Technology’s overarching aim is to bridge the gap between project, corporate IT and strategic finance teams by aligning project controls with strategic organisational outcomes, enabling customers to achieve ever increasing efficiency from their investment in people, processes and technology.

“As the most experienced Oracle Primavera partners in Australia, Prescience Technology ensures that our solutions work for customers to deliver real and tangible business outcomes. The company’s highly-experienced and deeply-knowledgeable consultants help customers every step of the way from implementation through to ongoing usage. The goal is to ensure that customers don’t just install Oracle Primavera, but that they implement, configure and use it in a high-value, sustainable manner,” Loretta said.

TBH provides critical path planning and scheduling, project management, quantity surveying and cost management services whilst also provides independent expert claims and dispute resolution services.

TBH Director and Queensland Manager, Graham Cox said, “There are many overlapping areas of expertise between the two companies. In partnership, Prescience Technology designs, creates and installs the software. TBH then brings over 48 years of experience to help make sure the software is used correctly to deliver the best commercial outcomes for the customer.”

“TBH’s experience spans every industry from mining, ports and rail to infrastructure, residential, communications, ICT and construction. It can see customers through every step of the project process.   TBH’s world class team ensures that customers can use 100 per cent of the solution’s functionality, rather than the much lower percentage that most companies use. Together, TBH and Prescience Technology can help businesses install, manage and use the right software for our clients’ needs.”

The partnership agreement is open-ended with each company retaining full independence and autonomy.

“This is a symbiotic relationship where Prescience Technology and TBH will jointly utilise resources to deliver the best outcome for the client. Both companies have a similar style of working and are closely aligned when it comes to focusing on quality outcomes for clients,” Loretta said.

“The partnership lets Prescience Technology offer a broader range of industry services to provide that end-to-end support and consulting that many of its clients need. It will help customers achieve significant growth and project success as a result.”

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About TBH Group

Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond (TBH) has provided project and strategic management services to Australian businesses since 1965. TBH provides independent advice with high ethical and professional standards and is committed to providing solutions that are innovative, practical and in the best interests of our clients. During the past 48 years TBH has completed more than 7,000 projects, varying in scale up to $43billion for clients in Government and the private sector. The organisation has developed expertise in a wide range of industries including building, infrastructure, IT&T, mining, transport, defence, energy and the environment.

TBH’s core services include: project planning, programming and scheduling; development and project management; cost management and quantity surveying; dispute resolution and contractual claims advice; expert witness; program and portfolio management; contract administration; and strategic project advice. TBH also provides: training; 4D modelling; value management; risk management; and facility management.

TBH has offices in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and Townsville. It provides services throughout Australia and New Zealand and, through Confluence TBH (CTBH), in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Europe. Its services are offered as complete project management solutions, in association with other specialist project consultants or as an integrated part of clients’ teams.