In last month’s newsletter, we looked at the effect of using Global Change on Activity Resource Assignments. This month we are continuing with another Global Change attribute.

Global Changes in combination with User Defined Fields can be very  effective  for  calculation  of  values  from  the  many  system  fields  available  in P6. A useful attribute is to use Global Changes to set flags for Traffic Light Reports. As  we  saw  from  Tip  #1  in  last  month’s  newsletter,  global  changes  may  result  in differences  within  the  budgeted  costs  and  therefore  a  Traffic  Light  Report  can be  generated  using  Indicator  type  Activity  User  Defined  Field  (UDF)  which  will highlight the affected work.

Top Tip #1: Global Change Set Indicator Flag

Whenever the costs for a Project look to have escalated, a Traffic Light Report can be generated using Indicator type  Activity  User  Defined  Field  (UDF),  which  will highlight the affected work.
How To: Follow  these  steps  to  create  a Traffic  Light  Report  using  Global Change and UDF Indicators: Step 1: Click on ‘Enterprise’ and then ‘User Defined Fields’. Step 2: In  the  UDF  pop  up  window  set ‘Activities’ and then click the ‘Add’ button, a new UDF is entered. Step 3: Type the UDF Title and set the Data Type to ‘Indicator’ and then click ‘Close’.

Step 4: Create an Activity Layout with the Report UDF displayed.

Step 5:
Click ‘Tools’ and select ‘Global Change’.

Step 6:
In the Global Change window select ‘New’.

Step 7: In the Modify Global Change Window:
a) In the Select Subject Area, select ‘Activities’ and then type the Global Change Name.
b) Click in the If section and then click the ‘Add’ button.
c) In the If Parameter cell select ‘WBS’ and in the Is cell set ‘equals’.
d) In the Value cell select the WBS from the pop up window and click the green ‘Select’ button.


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