This extract from the Primavera Tip we shared with our Support Clients explains how to use Resource Portlet Dashboards to determine which resources are over or under allocated and ensure resources are being used effectively.

Dashboards – Resource Portlets

The Resource Allocation portlet in Primavera P6 is another feature that can ensure the overall success of a project. Often companies want to minimize costs by using the least amount of resources required to complete a project. This can cost in the long run because projects cannot be completed on time due to the fact that the resources are over or under worked. Project managers can view the resource portlets and determine which resources are over/under allocated, and level the resources out to make sure that all resources are used in the most efficient and optimum way.

Resource Team Summary Portlet

The Resource Team Summary portlet allows you to view resources, their primary role, and the number of active projects for a team you select. The portlet lists those members of the resource team that you have access to, based on resource security. If you choose to view a resource team that is available only to you, all resources that you have added to the team are listed.


  • Resource usage data is based on summary data, so it reflects values as of the last date the summarizer was run for a project.
  • To control the number of items that display in the portlet, click Customize at the top of the page. Then, specify a number for ‘Maximum number of rows displayed in dashboard portlets’. When the number of items exceeds the maximum, Next and Previous links display.
  • Clicking on a selected resource takes you to a spreadsheet or histogram view of that resource’s allocation details.

Resource Analysis Chart Portlet

The Resource Analysis Chart allows you to view a variety of chart formats plotting the total (remaining plus actuals) units or costs for a resource, resource team, or resource code you select.

The histograms display resource data summarized by calendar in weekly increments.


  • The Resource Analysis Chart uses summary data, so it reflects values as of the last date the summarizer was run for the source projects.
  • In the histogram or area chart, move the mouse over the corresponding area or bar to display numeric allocation totals for a project or project code.
  • An option setting for each project determines whether this view displays summary data based on resource assignments at the activity or project/WBS level.


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