Prescience Technology Welcomes Daniel Nimmo to Lead Growing ASEAN Operations

Daniel Nimmo, Senior VP International It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Daniel Nimmo to the role of Senior Vice-President International, based in Singapore, and welcome him to the Prescience Technology team. Daniel will spearhead Prescience Technology’s international expansion into Singapore as well as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

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Why do projects fail?

Why do projects fail? Projects, whether they are system, transformation or operationally focused, are too often judged to be “failures”, while the question of why they fail seems akin to asking “What is the meaning of life?” Every program and Project Manager has their view of why projects fail. The way a Project Manager answers

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Understanding P6 Calendars – Primavera Tips & Tricks: Tip 56

Understanding how calendars are defined in Oracle Primavera P6 is an important factor in maintaining the duration and date integrity of projects. Problems with project activity dates and durations can occur when a different calendar is assigned to an existing activity. An example of this could be changing from an 8-hour day to a

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Ensuring Project Success With Faster Planning Processes

Why is it important to build the right plan, the first time? These days traditional CPM tools are good for tracking project execution, but they don’t effectively support the upfront planning process or the ongoing quality schedule checking that is required to produce a schedule you are confident in throughout the project lifecycle.

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What’s New In Deltek Acumen? – Primavera Tips & Tricks: Tip 55

A sound schedule is the key to a successful project. Many of our clients use Deltek Acumen to quickly diagnose and resolve project schedule shortcomings, reduce risk exposure, accelerate and align schedules with project goals and benchmark quality and performance. If you’ve recently upgraded to the latest version of Deltek Acumen, you will have noticed the

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Basis Next Generation Planning

Last week, Prescience Technology teamed up with BASIS for an APAC-exclusive webinar to unveil BASIS next generation planning software. BASIS is the latest innovation from Dr. Dan Patterson, who many of you will know as the brains behind such tools as Pertmaster and Acumen. Prescience is excited to once again partner with Dan on

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P6 Job Services and Why F5 is Your Friend! Primavera Tips and Tricks: Tip 54

Since the release of Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM 15.2 (and later), a number of functions have been changed to run as background tasks in Job Services. This includes functions such as Adding Baselines, Copying and Pasting Projects and XML Exports. Moving these tasks from the client to Job Services has benefits in performance and

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The Top 10 New Features in P6 R17

Oracle has released the latest version of Primavera P6 this week. P6 R17 delivers significant improvements on R16. Enhancements in functionality will help organisations create schedules more seamlessly and deliver projects on time and within scope. The P6 experts at Prescience Technology road-tested the new release to assess the new features and enhanced functionality. We

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Digital Transformation in a Project-Driven World

Participants of this month’s Prescience User Experience Exchange (or PUXX for short) witnessed “Digital Transformation in a Project Driven World” in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Presenters included esteemed project and industry experts, with topics ranging from “Embracing the Digital Tipping Point” to the “Role of Technology in Project Risk Analysis”. After being invited to present at

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Creating Workflows for Business Processes in Unifier – Primavera Tips and Tricks: Tip 53

Last month we explained how Primavera Unifier uses business processes to drive transactions and collaboration. In this edition of Tips and Tricks, we will explain how to further develop business processes by using workflows. Just as we discussed last month, some business processes have a single purpose of storing data, also known as non-workflow

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