In the past, running Oracle E-Business Suite on premises was the only choice for Oracle E-Business Suite customers. Oracle has since expanded the deployment model to include running Oracle E-Business Suite on the same Oracle technology stack, but in Oracle Cloud.

The cloud is a central focus for Oracle, which already offers a comprehensive set of cloud solutions. However, many Oracle customers, including Oracle E-Business Suite customers, continue to run their applications on premises or in a private cloud and have a large stake in protecting this investment. If you are one of these customers, you might ask “How does Oracle reconcile its cloud focus with my company’s needs?”

As each Oracle product line continues to chart its own development roadmap to serve its own customer base and target markets, Oracle promotes a coexistence or hybrid model that enables you to complement and augment your existing enterprise applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, by adopting Oracle’s cloud platform. The fact that both the on-premises and cloud deployment models use the same underlying technology stack naturally leads to the possibility of hybridisation, which means even more choice and agility for you.

The fundamental reasons to move to a cloud computing environment are the business agility, high efficiency, scalability, and availability that the pooling of elastic computing resources provides, along with significant cost reductions and support for business growth.

Within the Oracle E-Business Suite ecosystem, customers and partners commonly maintain multiple EBS instances—sometimes isolated, sometimes integrated. These multiple instances might represent individual business units, different geographies, or development, test, training, or production instances.

The hybrid deployment model is attractive because the same architecture, the same standards, and the same products are used to put the Oracle technology stack in the cloud as are used to deploy the technology stack on premises. This means that workloads can be migrated relatively easily between an on-premises instance and Oracle Cloud. With the ability to run the same Oracle E-Business Suite applications on the same technology stack either on premises or in Oracle Cloud, you can capitalise on the benefits of each type of deployment by using the optimal model for each purpose.